EBook – Meetings of fate

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Librărie: Cristian Boldor

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This is the eBook version of “Meetings of fate” – volume I of the “Angel Afterlife” series

The central theme in the Angel Afterlife series is the journey toward self-awareness to uncover one’s inner power in order to stop a demon apocalypse.

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The central theme in the Angel Afterlife series is the journey toward self-awareness to uncover one’s inner power. This journey will lead Quentin, a 20-year-old student, to become spiritually aware after being “visited” by evil entities from another dimension. These entities are popularly known as demons. They hunt and enter people’s minds and souls to corrupt them into inflicting pain and suffering on themselves and to others around them. The energy created by such actions will feed the demon, making it grow stronger. However, humans have mental and emotional barriers set in place ever since birth. But these barriers weaken if the human has a negative attitude, is undergoing spiritual awakening, is depressed, is emotionally hurt, has vices, or does something terrible to another person.

The situation is called possession when a demon reaches a victim’s inner world. Though, there are spiritual fighters known as paranormal agents who fight these demons to protect mankind. Every important country has agents and divisions under the command of the ministry of defense. They are special people with spiritual powers that can conjure weapons, improve their physical attacks, or harness mental power to connect with the mind of a possessed person.

Once inside the mind of the possessed person, an agent must find the source of the human’s problems or just find the demon’s lair. Either way, a battle will take place for the control or release of the victim. This fight has its toll on the agent’s body. Every wound done in the inner world inflicts pain or even real wounds on his physical body.

This book series will present the new life Quentin has to adapt to after becoming spiritually aware and how demons are trying to start an apocalypse.

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Cristian Boldor



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